2016-01-18 10:52 pm
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Looking for RP partners

I really enjoy roleplaying but I only have one partner and she never responds anymore. I'm able to work with anything but my interests in genres/plots lean more towards drama, angst, romance. You know, the stuff teenage girls lose their shit over. As for the gender of the couples, my personal preference is two males but I can work with all pairings of all genders (including non-binary, transgender). I'm also capable of NSFW, except for the certain extremes and don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about (bestiality, bathroom kinks, rape, etc.). Other than that I'm very open to destroy characters and their lives.

My personality outside of RP is extremely dry and I promise you don't have to talk to me outside of the rolepays. I just need this sort of temporary escape from reality.